The time has come, our doors are open to welcome you again!


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nakal-state of mind logo WHITE-01.png



Leof. Avlakiou 100

Porto Rafti, 190 03

Open all day, seven days a week  

10:00 am - 03:00 am


Due to current measures we only accept a certain number of visitors

please book your table or sunbed!



22990 88229,  6980 008835


One of the City's Most Attractive Beach Bar Restaurant


NAKAL is a luxury hub specifically designed to offer its guests a holistic beach experience, which is available to enjoy day and night; whether you are a local wishing to escape into a sea-side paradise or a guest holidaying in Athens, you can expect to immerse yourself in NAKAL’s exotic charm and minimalist style that will make it your new favourite summer addiction. 

NAKAL comprises of three main areas - the sandy beach with its comfortable sunbeds, the dedicated space around the pebble-shaped swimming pool for sunbathing and cocooning, and the area of the Bar & Restaurant where you can enjoy our mouth-watering cocktails and freshly made meals.

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nakal-state of mind logo WHITE-01.png
nakal-state of mind logo WHITE-01.png

Fusion and multi-cuisine

Here you can lie free of distractions under the shade of a canopy and enjoy the light sea breeze during the day; at night, you can relax under a starry sky if you are lucky. Have your meal served on the beach, at the area around the swimming pool or at our restaurant; taste your coffee on the beach and sip your cocktail at the bar, while listening to selected music. Whatever the time of the day, whatever you feel like doing, NAKAL is just the place for you.

Our Restaurant offers a fusion and multi-cuisine dining experience while the menu has the signature of  Mpourloka Ioanna - Chef, 

Kourkouta Antoni - Sushi Chef and Kaldanis Yiannis - Pastry Chef. 


Our Bar offers a long list of classic and signature cocktails prepared for NAKAL by Aris Chatziantoniou, who is a renowned Greek Bartender/Mixologist.




nakal-state of mind logo WHITE-01.png
nakal-state of mind logo WHITE-01.png

The Venue:


Designer George Panteloukas has succeeded in creating a space that resembles dreamy exotic places such as Bali, while also being in harmony with its surrounding Greek landscape. The main elements used at Nakal are wood, bamboo, rock and copper, which in combination create an atmospheric setting by the sea. 


The idea of this project was conceived by a bunch of friends many years ago on a sandy beach of Bali.

Back then it was just a dream but some dreams do come true… even when our dreams seem unrealistic and impossible, they always find a way of happening when the time is right.

The choice of the name NAKAL is not a coincidence, its origin is Indonesian and it means ‘naughty’, which is the very concept that has inspired the creators of NAKAL; being playful and naughty is a state of mind that defines the whole team behind this project and reflects their way of living. 

What makes NAKAL unique?

NAKAL is not just a place, it is a state of mind!

NAKAL is all about being yourself! 

Join the State of Mind!



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